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Cum World

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Now that my entire body of work is uploaded on the site, I want pick a few I can highlight and talk a bit about for those who are interested in “Zach’s story telling time.” Can you imagine how bad I’ll be when I’m really old? I’ll clear out a room. But you think that’s gonna stop me? Absofuckinlutely not. You made the decision to enter the world of “Chaturbox” so sit your ass down and shut up. Have you ever had a psychedelic experience occur out of nowhere? Not triggered by any type of drug. I’ve had them happen only a few times in my entire life. Each time I recall them happening, I was in this really rare, beautiful space mentally. The world has to be dead silent as well as your thoughts. It’s not a conscious meditation practice. It chooses the time it comes to you. A couple summers ago I was mowing my parents lawn. I took a break and went under their trampoline to lay on the grass. It just looked sexy under there for some reason and connected me to my childhood in a way. I closed my eyes. The time span was confusing. As far as I know it was very short, however so much was condensed in this tight time frame. My eyes opened. I was in some kind of high HD, crystal clear video game setting. I knew it was a planet by the way there was a sky that curved down to a ground. The sky was a hot pink color filled with purple clouds and lots of cosmic busy stars moving fast, like a busy city. I looked around at the ground and the scenery. Everything had a very fleshy, pink, wet texture. Even what appeared to be volcanos in the far distance erupting a milky off white fluid with the pressure of a firehose.

My senses became aware. I could feel the hot, humid, sticky air on my naked skin. Certain smells started to come to me. Familiar, but brand new. The best I could describe it is pancake batter and a cumquat tree.

Before my eyes was a veiny, purple tongue looking staircase. I ran my slimy bare feet across every pour as I made my way down the staircase. I feel a very warm, very sticky wet fluid make it’s way down the stairs like a waterfall. I was ankle deep in a gelatinous tapioca or the bottom of a lemon yogurt can. I pause to taste the waterfall. Two handfuls cupped to my mouth dripping down my arms and chin I hear an all men’s choir sing “Cum World.” Then I woke up.

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