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Karen Bystead

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

This piece is inspired by an artist I met long ago by the name of Karen Bysted. Not totally sure what kind of art she does? But she dresses the part. I can’t offer any type of explanation on why I painted her. It just felt right.

One of my long time collectors, Micah sent me a message on how he sees the piece, and what it did for him. He put it so much more elegant than I could ever.

“😂 she shouldn’t be offended by it. It’s perfect. I remember you describing how you work and how you just paint what you see but know that that is your gift. Zachary, you have the ability to see things with such complexity and the magic of you is that you can then recreate it in its full complexity on paper. You have an eye for core truth of things and people. For the inner workings that shape them into who they are. People get offended cus they try to hide their inner things from others and they are shocked when it’s boom! Executed and displayed. I don’t know her at all but I watched her a few times in interviews and I believe there is a reluctant for her to selfembrace with unconditional acceptance. This painting is special because to me if you look closely it highlights that inner turmoil and most people have some of that in them. so i think it should be an art piece of pride for her. Maybe reserved for that day she finds that clarity. I’ve always wanted and still want you to paint me cus I think I can learn from what you see. Soon :)

Tell Diane to buy it for me 😂❤️”

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