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"I suffer from terminal uniqueness syndrome"


Zachary first became interested in art while serving on a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Portland, Oregon.  He started by making hand drawn graphic novels about his experiences there and the characters he came across during that time. 

Zachary started showing art in hipster coffee shops in Salt Lake City, Utah. He soon turned his sights to the bright flashing lights of Los Angeles.  He moved there in 2013 and shortly after began exhibiting his work.  With such great acceptance and reaction to his show and work he decided to commit all of his time and efforts to creating his art work full time.

Zachary Crane's works has always been controversial to its immediate audience.  It challenges the viewer to look at their reality in a way they may have never considered. Zachary has always been deeply inspired by the dark side of pop culture.  He often uses humor as a tool to tell stories of a very real and human experience.  He has discovered self portraiture to be an effective outlet to narrate and share his own life and journey in his 20's.

At the heart of it, Zachary is a visual story teller. Titles and word play are as big a part of his art as the image itself.  Zachary is a sucker for themes.  The viewer will find reoccurring themes and characters in his work.

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