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Sugar Baby

Hello to all of my collectors, patrons, and all of you who signed up for the VIP list to stay in the loop.

We have built up quite the community here, haven’t we? It all happened very organically. You are reading this from anywhere in the whole wide world. I have shipped art to so many different countries over the years. Yet somehow it feels small, quaint, tight knit. It’s the strangest thing. I can’t take any credit for this community that’s formed. It’s all you guys. It’s probably the best thing to come out of my career. I’ve built solid friendships with so many of you. I love how it never ends with you buying one piece. You continue to collect and support me, and I value that.

Speaking of support, I need your help right now. It’s getting to be so much strain on me to keep the show going lately. I don’t crank work out like I once did. My work has gotten more and more laborious and hyper detailed. Not a bad thing, I love it and want to explore it. I can’t make the time to properly let it happen because I’m trying to keep my head barely above water to get by. I only have time and energy for producing what I know will bring in income. It just leaves me with not a lot left for being the kind of artist I have all the capability of being. I have some projects I have been sitting on for some time now that are fully cooked, and ready to execute, which will require investment as well as some extra income so that my mind can relax, and I can let my creativity do what it needs to do.

Projects coming up are: my coffee table book of every self portrait I have done to date, as well as several others new portraits no one has seen yet. Also, personal notes, diaries, lots of story telling, and lots of other stuff I probably have no business sharing… “Barbie Dream House series”“Kamasutra god, Mormon Jesus”, “I’d Like To Bear Your Testimony” and “Granny Issues.”

You donating will keep your favorite artist happy, healthy, horny, creative and relaxed. I learned quickly from the hot five minutes I had my Only Fans account, that a little goes a long way. Only fans inspired me to think this whole thing up. I wasn’t going into it expecting this, but I had some of the most heart felt messages from several of you saying “Been following you since you were 24. Watched you grow up. Seen you eat shit, and get back up again.I’m here because I’m a long time fan, and I support all of your many endeavors.Here’s $50 just cause.”

O.F. was such an incredible experience for me because for the first time, every message was beyond positive, respectful, and genuinely kind. Why? Because you wouldn’t be paying to subscribe if you weren’t a fan. Get it? “Only Fans". Brilliant name. I wish I could have kept my account, cause I genuinely loved it, but I didn’t and don’t have the mental capacity and energy to keep up another platform. Not only that, but if I’m being honest, I found it to be a lot of pressure. Pressure to crank out content. Pressure to be provocative. I can’t just flip a switch, or fake taking a sexy photo or video. Some can, but I can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love putting on a show for you guys, but it’s a right time, right mood thing for me. Not while I’m having my time of the month… Only Fans was extremely time consuming, and took away from me having pencil in hand, in front of the easel, wearing white fruit of the looms high up my waist with paint stains on them.

That is my sacred place.That is the only place I am truly safe, and where my brain is miles away. That’s my goal. Is to get back to spending more time there.

If all you can swing right now is your continued loyalty as well as your interaction with my work, your sweet messages, likes, comments, shares, that’s worth just as much as money as far as I’m concerned. If that’s all you can contribute at this time, don’t feel like you aren’t contributing. My work is for everyone. Whatever phase of life you’re in.

Most importantly, thank you for your love and support.

Initially, I found it a bit cringey asking for financial help, but things are different in 2023. It’s no longer embarrassing to ask for some help to keep the show going. Basically most content creators need financial help from their audience to keep bringing fresh content. Seems to be the way things are these days, and I’m on board.

Thank you for sticking around. I fully intend to make it worth your while. Just wait until I start working on “Granny Issues". A four year long idea that has been simmering on the back burner for far too long.

I couldn’t ask for a better community you guys have built. Love you all lots and lots and lots and lots.

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